Thursday, December 25, 2014

We are often asked the difficult question, `Who are you?` and often, the artist can be seen drawing a wonderful picture of everything that is within his heart, and yet, because people only see what he has drawn, they do not and can never see the whole. All that is within the heart of the artist therefore remains his own private inner world. This is true of the picture you might see of the person you question or perceive by his photo alone. The good thing is that even when people do not like our outer appearance, we can safely hide the most beautiful part of what is us, our spirit that hides from the world outside.

Who am I? I am nothing but a seed that floats through space and time, never connecting with anything or anyone, and never landing in good and deep soil. It is not that the soil is not rich or strong enough to plant my roots, it is that the seed which is me wants to blow freely with the winds in every direction towards infinity and to where serenity lies where the shadows no longer stalk.
I choose, even as a seed with no foundation and so no known wisdom yet to fly on, to float and to never land. I do not wish to be planted, I do not wish to be seen. I choose to remain as a seed but to be free.


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  2. Thank you. For sharing. Such deep thoughts. 💙 💜 💙